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Scala Dei Pla dels Àngels


Fine and delicate, this wine shows us another of the faces of red Grenache in Scala Dei. Fragrance, freshness and finesse from the high altitude clay vineyards of northern Priorat.

  • Best Rosé Wine of Catalonia 2016 & 2019
  • Guide to the wines of Catalonia 2019: 96 points
  • Rosé
  • Young
  • Single varietal
  • Fruity
  • Fresh
  • Complex

  • Catalonia Wine Guide 2016: Best rosé wine of Catalonia
  • Wine guide of Catalonia 2017: 96 points
  • Guía de los vinos de Cataluña 2019: 96 points & Best rosé wine of Catalonia
  • Peñín Guide 2016: 91 points
  • Peñín Guide 2019: 90 points
  • Gourmet Guide 2016: 92 points
  • Gourmet Guide 2019: 90 points
  • 365 Days Guide 2018: 90 points
  • Wine Yearbook 2018: 91 points
  • James Suckling 2018: 91 points
  • Andreas Larsson 2018: 90 points

  • Varieties: 100% red Grenache
  • Alcoholic strength: 14.5% Vol.
  • Total tartaric acidity: 6 g / l
  • PH: 3,3
  • Contains sulphites.

Grapes from the higher areas of Escaladei, on clay soils that preserve the acidity and, therefore, the freshness of the grapes at the time of harvesting. Young and old vines, predominantly north and east facing, located between 500 and 600 metres above sea level.

To preserve the aromatic characteristics of the Grenache, on arrival at the winery it is cooled to 2०C, destemmed and, after 3 hours of maceration with skins in stainless steel tanks, the juice is bled off to achieve its characteristic pale colour. Subsequently, it is fermented as if it were a white wine. After fermentation, it rests in stainless steel tanks for about 4 months before bottling.

Its pale colour suggests that, although it comes from red grapes, it is closer to a white wine. The bluish reflections on the rim reveal a faint grey colour, very attractive to the eye. Aromatically, it is the subtlety of red and tropical fruit, fine and delicate like the vineyard from which the grape comes, with citrus tones that make it a fresh wine that invites to be tasted. In the mouth it is an explosion of freshness and sensations: strawberries, grapefruit, aniseed tones … The refreshing palate culminates in an all-enveloping finish.

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