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You have many reasons to come and visit our wineries and spend a day (or more) in Escaladei and its surroundings



The small village of Escaladei is located next to La Morera de Montsant, an ancient enclave of Muslim origin located under the limestone cliffs of the majestic Sierra de Montsant.

Do you know why it is so called? Its name comes from a legend. It is said that a shepherd dreamt of angels who, on a ladder leaning against a pine tree, ascended to heaven amidst a great flash of light. Hearing the shepherd's story, monks looking for a site for a new monastery took it as a divine sign and settled there.

Escaladei was, originally, the commercial centre of the Carthusian monastery that was established nearby. It was the seat of the business of the house, from where the prior and the procurator directed the workers in charge of the cellars, the flocks and the fields belonging to the monastery.

The Charterhouse of Santa María

The Carthusian monastery of Santa Maria of Escaladei, the main monument of the region, has been declared an historical monument by the Generalitat de Catalunya. It was founded in the 12th century by Alfonso the Chaste and it was the prior and his domains that gave the Priorat region its name. At the Charterhouse you can discover the remains of the first Carthusian monastery on the Iberian Peninsula. A land characterised by slate slopes, whose wines are a reflection of the harsh climatic conditions and the peculiar orography of the area.

If you go to the Charterhouse, it is highly recommended that you visit a restored cell, where you can see the way of life of this community. The visit also includes an audiovisual presentation on its history and models that faithfully reproduce what this peculiar religious enclosure was and is like.

We also recommend a walk from the Charterhouse to La Piedad, the former resting place of the monks who lived there.

La morera de Montsant

The village of La Morera de Montsant is also well worth a visit. A place where tradition, the land, wine culture, silence, history and the natural landscape are its main assets. The village conserves a Romanesque portico in its parish church.

The Montsant mountain range and Natural Park

In the Montsant mountain range, a place of unique beauty, you will find the headquarters and interpretation centre of the Montsant Natural Park. The mountain range has a rich landscape, natural and religious heritage, with numerous hermitages.

The Serra de Montsant Natural Park occupies the north of the Priorat region. Its best-known image is that of the impressive rocky walls on the southern slopes of the Serra Major, where the highest peaks are located: Cogulla (1,063 metres), Piló dels Senyalets (1,109 metres) and Roca Corbatera (1,163 metres), the highest peak in Montsant.
To the north of the mountain range runs the Montsant river, one of the most spectacular spots in the area: the majestic Fraguerau gorge.

The Montsant mountain range is also an ideal place for active tourism. Here you can enjoy activities such as hiking, mountain biking, climbing, via ferrata and trail running.

After seeing everything you can do here, are you ready to book your visit to Cellers de Scala Dei?