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Visit booking and cancellations: Terms and Conditions

1) Object and application
These General Conditions of Employment have the aim to regulate the relationship between CELLERS DE SCALA DEI, S.A. (onwards, “CELLERS DE SCALA DEI” and/or the “Company”) and you. (Onwards, the “Client”), relative to any transaction made through the web page (onwards, the “Website”) consisting in the booking of guided visits and Company activities (onwards, the “Services”).

2) Exclusions
It is forbidden to provide Services through the Website to under-age people without the company of an adult.
Besides, Services offered by CELLERS DE SCALA DEI through the Website involving alcohol beverages of any strength are forbidden to the under-aged.

3) Acceptance
The booking of Services offered by CELLERS DE SCALA DEI must be done by activating the payment button found at the end of the reservation process, and expresses the total acceptance of these General Conditions of booking of Services.
If the Client wishes to read more carefully the General Conditions, he or she can print the paper or download the file digitally.

CELLERS DE SCALA DEI will send to the Client, after the acceptance of these General Conditions, a justification of the booked Services. Besides, CELLERS DE SCALA DEI will send the reservation to the Client through the electronic information provided by the Client.

CELLERS DE SCALA DEI reports that the electronic documents where the bookings are formalized, are saved. The Client will have free access to them at any time under request.

If the Client makes a mistake when sending the electronic information, he/she will be able to modify them by contacting

4) Price, Method of Payment, visiting Conditions and Booking cancellation
4.1 Prices
The applicable prices to any Service are the ones indicated in the Website at the moment of booking, and all of them include VAT taxes (Value-Added Tax).

Offers will be properly marked and identified as so, conveniently indicating the former price and the offer price.

CELLERS DE SCALA DEI reserves the right to modify the Website at any moment and without notice, being able to update the Services based on the market on a daily basis.

4.2 Method of Payment

The acquisition of Services can be effectuated by making payment at the time of booking by credit/debit card or bank transfer:

4.3 Visiting conditions

The visit will start punctually at the arranged time. 10 minutes after the beginning time, one will not be able to join the rest of the group.

Visits must be booked in advance because of their limited capacity. In case of showing up without a reservation, one might join a visit if there are free places.

4.4 Booking cancellation

CELLERS DE SCALA DEI offers the Client the possibility to cancel his/her reservation via e-mail ( In the event of cancellation, the charged amount will not be returned.

Nevertheless, the Client will be able to attend the visit on a different date, arranged along with the cellar, during a 2 month period.

CELLERS DE SCALA DEI reserves the right to modify unilaterally the content, the route and the visit’s length for reasonable issues like rain, fog or other weather conditions, lack of electricity, mechanical or computer failures, etc.

In the event of CELLERS DE SCALA DEI cancelling the visit because of any Company-related issues before it starts, there will be the right to refund the paid charges.

For any complaint or doubt, you can contact the Company at:

5) CELLERS DE SCALA DEI’s responsibilities
CELLERS DE SCALA DEI guarantees the quality of the Service booked through the Website. The Company also guarantees all the rights assured by the law offered to the costumers and the users.
The Client will be able to cancel the booked Services if any of these General Conditions are broken.

6) Client’s responsibilities
The Client is obliged to make proper use of the Services, without contravening the current legislation nor attacking other people’s rights.
The Client guarantees the truthfulness and accuracy of the information given in the booking applications, avoiding any damage to CELLERS DE SCALA DEI because of their mistakes.

CELLERS DE SCALA DEI will be able to remove or cancel the booked Services without prior notice if the Client breaks any of these General Conditions of Employment. The Client will not have the right to get any compensation.

7) Personal information and commercial communication
Notwithstanding the anticipated thing in indicated in each one of the forms of the Web Site, the personal information provided by the Client will become part of a CELLERS DE SCALA DEI’s file in order to manage and attend the request, as well as giving information about our products via e-mail and post.
The Client has the right to log in, rectify, cancel and object and he can also revoke the given consent to receive commercial communications by sending an e-mail to

8) Industrial and Intelectual property
The intellectual and industrial property rights of the creations, marks, logos and anything that can be protected, appearing in CELLERS DE SCALA DEI’s Website belong exclusively to CELLERS DE SCALA DEI or to others that have authorized their appearance in the Website. Non-authorized reproduction, distribution, commercialization or transformation of any of these creations, marks, logos, etc. is an infringement of the intellectual and industrial property rights of CELLERS DE SCALA DEI, and may lead to legal actions.
Also, the Website information to which the Client may have access to can also be protected by industrial, intellectual or any other rights. CELLERS DE SCALA DEI will not be responsible under any circumstance for any legal infringement the Client may do.

9) Jurisdiction and y applicable Law
Whether any conflict or disagreement about the interpretation or application of these General Conditions of Employment appeared, the Courts, which would know about the issue, would be decided based on the applicable law of competent jurisdiction, which it’s understood, as being final consumers, to the place of the required obligation or the home direction of the buyer.
In case of a trading made by a company, both parts submit themselves, with express waiver, to the Courts of Tarragona (Spain).