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Scala Dei Blanc de Noirs


The pale face of the Grenache Noir from Scala Dei. We have adapted a technique from the champagne region to achieve a rarity that makes an impact from the first moment your nose approaches the glass.

  • White
  • Young
  • Single varietal
  • Fruity
  • Fresh
  • Complex

  • Varieties: 100% Red Grenache
  • Alcohol content: 13.5% Vol.
  • Total tartaric acidity: 6.7 g / l
  • Ph: 3.1
  • Contains sulphites

To produce Blanc de Noirs we use old and young vines, in order to obtain the fruit and freshness of the young vines and the structure of the old vines. As in the case of rosé wine, the vines are trained without pruning so that the aromas are not lost due to the impact of the sun. Likewise, during pruning we leave more buds so that the plant produces more bunches and reduces the production of sugars, which results in a lower alcohol content in the final wine.

The idea is to use a white wine making technique but with red grapes. In most red grapes, the anthocyanins are found in the skin. This means that, if we send the bunches directly to the press, we will obtain a practically white must, which we will finish by oxidising to obtain a must that is completely transparent and ready to be vinified.

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