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The lands of the Prior – 6 Bottles


Three classic wines from our winery

Guía de los vinos de Cataluña 2019: 96 points

Another of the faces of red Grenache at Scala Dei is that of this fine, delicate wine. Its pale colour misleads us, because although it comes from red grapes, it seems to be made from white grapes. Its bluish reflections on the rim show us a faint grey colour, very attractive to the eye. Its aroma takes us to the subtlety of red and tropical fruit, fine and delicate like the vineyard where the grape comes from, with citric tones that make it a fresh wine. In the mouth it is an explosion of freshness and nuances: strawberries, grapefruit and aniseed tones. The refreshing palate ends with an enveloping finish.

Cinve 2017: Gold Medal

The expression of Priorat wines is this aged red wine from Scala Dei. We make it with the four most widely grown varieties in the region: red Grenache, Carignan, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, and we grow the vines in the two most common types of soil: slate and clay..

Guía Gourmets 2016: 95 points

The dense and deep Priorat of slate meets the subtle and fresh Priorat of high altitude clay. And the meeting point is Cartoixa. The Grenache and Carignan grapes that make up this wine come from the same vineyards that the monks worked for centuries. A wine made just as they taught us.

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