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Scala Dei Massipa Vertical


With this special pack, you have the opportunity to taste 6 different vintages of a classic Cellers de Scala Dei wine: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019.

Massipa is the reissue of one of the wines that, in the past, we used to make in our winery. At that time we called it "Scala Dei White". With Massipa we intend to show the fresh face of the Priorat white Grenache. After tasting a few bottles of this wine from 1991 and seeing how well it stood the test of time, we decided to make it again for you.

  • Robert Parker 2018: 93 points
  • Robert Parker 2017: 93 points
  • White
  • Aged
  • Fresh
  • Complex
  • Coupage
  • Elegant

  • Robert Parker 2016: 92 points
  • Robert Parker 2017: 93 points
  • Robert Parker 2018: 93 points
  • Guía Peñín 2016: 94 points
  • Guía Peñín 2017: 94 points
  • Guía Peñín 2018: 93 points
  • Guía Peñín 2019: 93 points
  • Guía 365 días: 93 points
  • Guía de los vinos de Cataluña 2017: 96 points
  • Guía de los vinos de Cataluña 2019: 92 points
  • James Sucking 2018: 93 points
  • Anuario de vinos 2018: 90 points
  • Anuario de vinos 2019: 92 points
  • Andreas Larsson 2018: 92 points
  • Andreas Larsson 2019: 92 points
  • Guía Gourmets 2019: 94 points

This is a single vineyard wine and the only white wine of the Garnatxes de Scala Dei project. La Massipa is located next to the Masdeu vineyard, facing southeast at an altitude of 650 metres above sea level and a red clay soil encrusted with gypsum. The vineyard planted in 1974 is the only one with white grapes from Cellers de Scala Dei. A path divides the vineyard in half: on one side is the Grenache Blanc and on the other the Chenin Blanc.

We harvest the White Grenache and the Chenin Blanc at the same time, when the Grenache is at its ripest. At that time, the chenin is a few days away from ripening, but we do it this way to maintain the acidity of this wine. We press the two varieties together, racking the must into a concrete tank, where it ferments at a controlled temperature.

Once fermentation is complete, the wine is racked to remove the thicker lees and leave the fine lees. The wine, to complete the ageing, spends the first three months in a concrete tank. From then on, it is kept in static ageing with the fine lees in a 1,200l foudre.

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