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The Colours of Grenache – 6 Bottles


The three colours of Scala Dei Grenache

Scala Dei's young Grenache. This wine is mainly sourced from vineyards whose vines are between 15 and 25 years old. They are planted on terraces where viticulture is practised to obtain grapes with the profile we are looking for: high acidity, concentration and fruit without over-ripening and with lively but ripe tannin.

The paler face of the Red Grenache that we make at Scala Dei. We have adapted a champagne technique to achieve a rarity that makes an impact from the first moment the nose approaches the glass.

Fine and delicate, this wine shows us another side of the red Grenache grape at Scala Dei. Very pale pink in colour, it shows that, although it comes from a red grape, it is closer to a white wine. Its bluish reflections on the rim denote a faint grey colour that is very attractive to the eye. Aromatically, it is the subtlety of red and tropical fruit, fine and delicate like the vineyard where the grape comes from, with citric tones that make it a fresh wine. In the mouth it is an explosion of freshness and sensations: strawberries, grapefruit and aniseed tones. The palate is very refreshing and its enveloping finish invites us to taste it again.

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